Remote Assistance

What is Remote Assistance?

At Reach IT Solutions we aim to assist our customers using the best possible methods. Using our remote assistance tool is a time effective; efficient method of us to do anything! This includes tasks such as: virus removals, software installations and also fault finding and fixing.

Remote Assistance allows our technicians to temporarily access your computer desktop in real time. You're able to demonstrate the issues that you face; our technicians are able to solve problems over the internet. ​Remote Assistance allows us to offer a faster service. We understand that your time is precious and that on occasion you need problems sorted immediately. Using our remote assistance tools, you're able to stay in your home or place of business whilst we start to identify your issue and begin to solve it.

Remote assistance is also cost effective! For us to offer the most competitive prices, we offer remote assistance for free as standard. As a customer, you're not charged any call out fee's which reduces your overall costs. However, please be aware that we do still offer call outs; there are some situations when a call out is a must. 


1. Download the Windows or Mac client by clicking the relevant logo below. 

2. Once downloaded, press "Accept - finish" on the setup window. (The installation should take a few seconds).

3. Upon completion, provide us with your 'ID' and 'Password' over the phone.